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Korea Society for Naval Science and Technology - Vol. 4, No. 1

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Journal of the KNST - Vol. 3, No. 2, pp.93-107
Abbreviation: KNST
ISSN: 2635-4926 (Print)
Print publication date 30 Sep 2020
Received 19 Jun 2020 Revised 15 Jul 2020 Accepted 10 Aug 2020

함정추진체계 LBTS를 통한 검증 항목과 방법 및 필요성
백관현1, * ; 배영호1 ; 김윤수2 ; 유경남3 ; 손홍관4 ; 임근희5 ; 박상혁6 ; 송왕근7
1대우조선해양 특수선전장설계부 과장
2대우조선해양 특수선전장설계부 부장
3대우조선해양 특수선전장설계부 수석부장
4한국전기연구원 시스템제어연구센터 책임연구원
5한국전기연구원 전기물리연구센터 책임연구원
6방위사업청 체계개발1팀 소령
7방위사업청 체계개발1팀 대령

LBTS for De-risking Newly Developed Naval Electrical System and Technical Issues
Gwan-Hyun Pack1, * ; Young-Ho Bae1 ; Yoon-Soo Kim2 ; Kyung-Nam Yoo3 ; Hong-Kwan Sohn4 ; Geun-Hie Rim5 ; Sang-Hyuk Park6 ; Wang-Keun Song7
1Senior engineer, Naval & Special Ship Design Division, Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME)
2General manager, Naval & Special Ship Design Division, DSME
3Director, Naval & Special Ship Design Division, DSME
4Principal researcher, System Control Research Center, Korea Electro Technology Research Institute (KERI)
5Principal researcher, Electrophysics Research Center, KERI
6Lieutenant commander, KSS-III System Development Team 1, Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA)
7Captain, KSS-III System Development Team 1, DAPA
Correspondence to : *Gwan-Hyun Pack Tel: +82-55-735-5749 Fax: +82-55-681-7407 E-mail:

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함정의 경우 초도함이 전력화되며 별도 시제함이 존재하지 않아 초도함에서 많은 시행착오를 겪게 된다. 이를 완화하기 위해 선진국은 육상에서 서브체계를 통합하여 성능시험을 실시하고 있다. 대부분의 추진계통 장비가 국내 신규 개발되어, 통합 연동되어야 하는 잠수함 건조를 위하여 LBTS(land-based test site)를 적용한 효과 및 주요 기술이슈에 대해 서술하였다.


There is no trial ship in naval business due to heavy budget requirement and small quantity of production. First ship is going into military operation after experiencing extensive trial and error, circuit modification, software de-bugging in the process of Test and Evaluation. Advanced countries are adapting LBTS(land-based test site) to reduce risk by testing sub-systems which include several equipment integrated in land. KSS-III submarine has needs for LBTS because most propulsion equipment is newly developed by domestic company. This paper explains effectiveness and major technical issues of KSS-III LBTS.

Keywords: Land Based Test Site, 4 Quadrant Load, Submarine, Surface Ship, Electric Propulsion System
키워드: 육상시험장, 4상한 부하기, 잠수함, 수상함, 전기추진체계


본 논문은 해군과학기술학회 2020년 춘계학술대회 발표논문을 기반으로 작성되었습니다.

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